Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday, September 20th

The sun has set and I can finally sit down and compose a thought or two. At this time of the year I try to reflect on all aspects of my life, both good and bad. This year it seems more poignant as the class discusses different topics and different points of view. The ability to think things through in a clear and concise manner is complimented and re-enforced by a persons ability to feel empathy and show sympathy. Moral and ethics play a huge part in my belief system and seem to be coincide with what the class is trying to accomplish.

As a class we seem to come from a variety of different points of view, but I am happy to see that there is respect and an openness to engage in the differences without offending anyone or being offended.

It leads me back to my G-Girl project which centers around- manners, thoughtfulness and being interested in someone besides yourself! If we only thought of ourselves what a dull world this would be!!!! So, lets get Greg as much chalk as humanly possible and get bring some "light" into his school- it won't just make his kids feel better, but it will make us feel great too!

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