Friday, September 4, 2009

So today started off with a trip to the dentist that should have happened on Tuesday (if only I could have found Jan.) Not having been able to sleep all week or really eat has made me a tad irritated! After about 8 shots of topical I was told that I needed an emergency root canal and that if I had come in earlier in the week it wouldn't have been so infected and painful- ran to school, got permission to miss a Backroom meeting for Ceramics and then ran back to have the root canal. About 10 more shots of various medications and 2 1/2 hours later , I was done. Now I have a lovely swollen cheek on the left side of my face and it is still very very sore. Hope to be able to chew and eat solid foods by Monday and if I finally can gets some sleep that would be heaven. Spent the week eating only things that didn't need to be chewed...

Tried to get some reading done in both dentist chairs but the xeroxed copies from class kept getting in the way so I finally gave up. Tomorrow's another day.

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