Thursday, October 8, 2009


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These are the notes from class discussion about a Group Project for the final project, Thursday, October 1.
Feel free to make additions putting your initials/name in parentheses so we can track comments. [JB]

Bring YOUR sketches for this project on Tuesday, October 6

Project Runway style projects based on sustainable design/exhibit [Elise]
group work/solutions

Why? Project
Why? [each students' topics]
Why? Aren't there windows in elementary schools?
Why? Is there sizism?
Why? Is there rudeness?
Why? Is their sexism?
Why? Are we using/wasting so much plastic?
Why? Are you rushing?

Overarching Strategies
1. Interactive [Droog, Pioneers of Change, felting, wall decals....]
Bridget: interactive window event- window theme-draw your own window, interpret the idea of window; photographs?, prints?
Greg: advertise the event/project, people send in their answers to "why?", ink jet printer, print on shirts......
Make your own...shirts? screen printing

Different Rooms in CFA/different presentations- participants get a souvenir from some rooms [downplay consumerism; it's about being]
Example: a sustainable sleeve for hot drinks: "Why? Are you rushing?", "Slow Down"

Tea Salon/Go Slow- Mary?
feature this semester's tea infusers
loose tea materials [donation from local company? presented/laid out in an aesthetically pleasing manner]
sewing tea bags

2. Exhibit Student Work from the Semester [Mandie, Elise]

3. Screen prints of Greg's windows, fundraiser...specifically for? [Anita]
4. Tangible items for purchase [Trish]

*Crucial to the success
Towerlight * I am currently working on joining the Towerlight right now. I have a bunch of contacts for Towerlight. -Trish*
Towson Times
Baltimore Sun
Washington Post
see press contacts/links from TUs homepage

PR People

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