Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Brainstorming in 2006

Brainstorming was very successful on Tuesday. Melissa's recycled paper that was loaded with seeds and herbs is very well done. The class came up with several ideas for her project and I am still partial to the egg-crate idea and the tree with the gift tags. Both very doable and marketable. She has such skillful techniques that this cannot fail.

Tai's cardboard jewelry is well thought out and could go in many directions. I really liked the idea of the individual pieces of the design being able to be reconfigured. The corrugated edges give it a very "now" vibe and make cardboard cool.

Bridget's leaf project is full of possibilities. I was inspired by the idea of creating an object out of the leaves that could function as a piece of art by itself but could also be recycled. The leaf recycle compost bag and leaf bowl, etc. are very exciting.

As always class was a blast!

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