Tuesday, October 13, 2009

big planet small world concept

I have been thinking about trying to recycle Fed-Ex mailing bags into a more interesting form of packaging. Essentially I would like to use one of my linoleum's from printmaking and print the inside and outside of the bag. Trim it and divide slots for brushes, pencils, palette knives etc.

The bags are more resilient than I first suspected. It was easier to cut through from the outside in then to cut through the inside. The inside is fortified with a string like weave that is embedded into the material.

I made a prototype this morning and was fairly happy with the printing results. The only problem is that the ink has taken all day to dry in some spots. Look forward to presenting the design at "brainstorming".

1 comment:

  1. COOL! Idea. Go Anita. Do design research on sustainable design/green objects so you KNOW how others have used/recycled tyvek and similar materials....use the resources located through the Connect the Dots project- yours and your peers; use the resources I have given you and the resources to follow from the assigned reading; design research- key step.