Saturday, December 12, 2009

Group Project

Greg, Melissa and I will be working on the final project together. We will be incorporating the art that has been reproduced for the school. A calendar with the 12 winners, the final prototype of the apron/art roll, the ceramic tiles, a print made from chin cholee and a power point presentation with our design concept, and statement with research to re-enforce our premise as well as some of the kids speaking to us about their own thoughts and idea on the ppt.

Greg and I realized that we were running in parallel lines with our research for project 2 and 3. Our Design Statement:

1) To help the students express their feelings about their school and environment and the lack of natural light.

2) Engaging them in the Design Process by giving them the tools and opportunity to dream of a better world ecologically, scholastically, environmentally and emotionally.

3) Utilizing the view of their world and implementing that into the design process.

4) Most importantly introducing the students to the design concepts: META-DESIGN, EMPATHETIC DESIGN, INCLUSIVE-UNIVERSAL DESIGN and CO-DESIGN.

5) Establishing collaboration between the students and the design process

We have already gone to the school to meet the children that won the competition and Melissa, Bridgett and I ( along with Greg) had a blast painting the art onto the cafeteria walls with them. The children were, bright, creative and a pleasure to be around. It was a match made in heaven!

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