Saturday, December 12, 2009

End of the semester

As we come to the end of this class I realize that I have taken on a new role or stewardship (if you will) for the planet.

I have been recycling as much as possible. When I buy produce at the store I try to see if I can get it home without a clear plastic bag , why can't it be placed right in the final paper bag that I am taking other food home in? One less piece of plastic in the world because of me.

While meeting with the employees at Kinkos I told them the premise of our class and explained why I had chosen certain products for the calendar. They listened politely and seemed interested in what we were trying to achieve.

I hope to keep thinking about ways that I can make a small difference to my minute area of the world.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the ideas and resources that my classmates have utilized in order to "Make Good" design in a sustainable and ecological way. Go Forth and Be Green:-)

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